Crushed under Feet

Stuff crushed under girl's feet

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This mistress did not have any reason to crush her son's toys other than the fact that she was bored and she was looking for a way to have fun. The mistress did not care about the destruction of the toys as she knew she could buy new ones if her son wanted them. So she concentrated on having fun by crushing the toys and it was more fun than she had hoped to have.

Mistress Anfisa wanted to scare this guy so she crushed an apple to send a message. The mistress then told him that she would do to his balls what she had done to the apple. The guy felt pain just by visualizing what she wanted to do to him as well as his dick. He cried and begged her not to go ahead with that plan but it was already too late.

Goddess Tijana had some chocolate with her but she did not feel like eating it. So she went to the parking and she crushed the chocolate using her sneakers. She made a mess with it but it was all fun and she did not remember that she had to clean it all up as she did not have a slave who would do so. But she did not mind doing it.

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