Crushed under Feet

Stuff crushed under girl's feet

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Lady Nataly was bored and she also felt that her slave needed some work to do. She felt that he was too idle for her and so she used her high heels to crush some fruit. The purpose was to pass time and also to create a mess on the floor for the slave to clean when she was done doing it. He had no choice but to do what she wanted.

Lady Nataly wanted to make sure that this guy licked her puke. So as she waited for him to get out of the toilet tall, she had fun crushing and playing with her puke and the plan was to have him lick it from the soles of her high heels. And she was going to make sure that it was not negotiable for him. He had to do it the way she wanted.

Lady Nataly wanted to distract herself and she did so using her high heels. She used her high heels to crush candy because that was what she had. She wanted to do that to kill some time so she went to the restroom and she did all of that there so that no one would accuse her of wasting time that she would have used to work. When she felt it was enough, she went back.

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